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Mostly because it is a bit early for contracts to be handed out. In general, this is not done until the complete season including the reunion shows are aired. However, it appears that due to the numerous adjustments that are going to be made to the show for next season, the axe is falling and changes are being made already. I did not want to believe some of it but my source has never been wrong so prepare yourself for the news. Please link and credit if referencing on your blog. Clearly, the headline is good news. The shocker is the reason she is out. According to my well-placed spies, Dina Manzo is coming back. Bravo had to make some serious concessions to get her back and the biggest one was to fire Jaqueline. Apparently, these two despise each other like no other.

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Bryant left after the first season. Tammy Knickerbocker joined the cast for the second season which premiered on January 16, Bryant appeared as a guest.

Slade Smiley is a very popular businessman and also a television personality. He has achieved most of his popularity after he was able to feature in the popular .

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email We head back to a heady time when Slade, Supermac and Spangles were all going strong. If you found yourself growing up in , it was a year when football, TV and the pop charts meant it was a colourful time. But away from the carefree world of the average British youngster 45 years ago, the nation was entering a period which was characterised by industrial strife, acts of terrorism, and rising prices.

Read More Can you name the Newcastle United stars who are dressed to kill? Power stations, coal depots and ports were picketed, and embattled Heath was finally forced to declare a state of emergency. In February, a three-day working week and power cuts led to black-outs. The Troubles were also escalating alarmingly. Newcastle Chronicle Inflation not only had housewives grumbling about the rising price of baked beans, but house prices – especially – began to rocket.

Elsewhere, a gallon of petrol cost 35p, and a pint of beer 13p – figures that many in the country still had to mentally translate into pounds, shillings and pence just months after Decimalisation. Meanwhile, the number of people out of work and claiming benefit rose above one million for the first time since the s. Read More In other news, this was also the year of the Munich Olympics where, tragically, the sporting exploits of the likes of Mark Spitz and Mary Peters were overshadowed by the murder of 11 Israeli athletes by terrorists.

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Meawnhwile, on the Real Housewives of the O.C. Gretchen Rossi is dating the ex of cast mate, Jo De La Ros, much to the network’s chagrin. As reality show hook-ups goes this is a gnarly soapy wet dream – Gretchen, whose fiancé died from cancer last fall, and Slade Smiley, who’s son has a brain cancer.

How is that possible when they make up 80 percent of my brain and my whole heart? From leg-throwing fights to heartbreaking departures , these G. Bs Gorgeous Ladies of Bravo have redefined reality TV and given us some of the most memorable quotes ever uttered on screen. As we clasp our hands and pray that it will go on forever, here is a brief history of the greatest reality TV show to grace our eyeballs.

March 21, Current cast members: Who wants their ex picking their next fling? Of course I am, look at me. The crimped hair really took it over the top. March 4, Current cast members: They filmed three seasons, and then got divorced. Was it a fight, or a moment of clarity? They mix elegance with drama into a beautiful froth of madness, tears, and laughter.

The Ten Worst Husbands, Boyfriends, and Significant Others from ‘The Real Housewives’

It won’t help, r , that coke whore Cohen is always biased toward Tamra and Shannon. David seems to relish torturing her. I honestly stopped watching this show—partly because I reached my limit of tolerance for creeptastic Andy Cohen, but mainly because Shannon makes me nervous and sometimes even a little sick feeling, in a depressive kind of way. She may as well be self-flagellating with all the insults she hurls at herself, and her oversensitivity with the other women is maddening. Overall I usually suspect these shows of being totally scripted, but I am actually concerned that Bravo is going to lead Shannon to attempt suicide or at least some kind of devastating self-harm.

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R24 Real Housewives of Orange County writing credits. This show is not scripted. It’s manipulating their real lives to get the most drama possible. Who knows what those writing credits are for. Bear in mind the women consult with producers and writers about their depicted characters, tape multiple takes at small restaurant tables surrounded by a dozen lighting, camera, sound technicians and producers and line editors, attend and IG cast and crew wrap parties, and participate in salacious tabloid stories that serve as promotions for upcoming seasons of the show during hiatus and for episodes during the airing season.

It is exactly as produced as fictional entertainment. It’s not a secret anymore. Go back and watch I Love Lucy. Half the episodes of that show exposed how the entertainment business promotes through totally artificial tabloid scandals, and all of it is still applied to reality TV as well as big-budget celebrity relationships that sell movies and music. Though, I don’t hear them trying to use that excuse much these days.

Nothing orchestrated there; regular people are accused of pretending to have life-threatening diseases every day! I said production sets up scenes but they aren’t scripting the show. They will tell Tamara “bring up Brooks and his medical records in this scene” but they aren’t giving her line by line creating the fake cancer out of thin air.

Meaning, these women really felt Brooks was faking cancer.

Vicki Gunvalson: A Rumor Is a Rumor

Since then, a variety of women have called the Bravo series home. Gunvalson is the only remaining original cast member. Check out all the cast changes below. Kimberly Bryant, a stay at home mom during the series, only appeared on the first season.

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The show has been on for a sufficiently long period of time seven years and has been sufficiently formative to contemporary television for better or for worse that a look back is probably in order. Below, an examination of some of the most interesting things that were blurted out. What was your life like when you first started watching Real Housewives? I remember where I was living and what I was doing while the first season of Real Housewives of Orange County was on the air.

I was in my junior year of college at the University of Georgia. I was so ashamed of liking this horrendous show that I used to avoid watching it in the living room while my roommate was home, but eventually she started watching it too — first begrudgingly, and then with the same schadenfreude that I had. Slade paid four figures for the privilege of being included in the first season. Slade is one of the only humans in history to pay to be on a TV show, instead of the other way around.

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Each week, we’re looking into the lives of past cast members after their exits. She’s one of the five women who started it all, but these days, Real Housewives of Orange County original cast member Jo De La Rosa is living a surprisingly normal existence in Los Angeles where she works at a marketing and advertising company. Although her life has taken quite a few twists and turns to get there. Even though it’s been seven years since she was a series regular, Jo still gets recognized “every day,” she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in

Gretchen Rossi and her fiance Slade Smiley have debuted their wedding rings after it was revealed that the “Real Housewives” stars are engaged. TO SEE PHOTOS OF GRETCHEN’S ENGAGEMENT RING CLICK HERE Rossi, 34, proposed to Smiley, 39, on April 14 after two years of dating and the couple is said to be happier than ever.

Season 1—4[ edit ] While in pre-production, the show was initially titled Manhattan Moms, but it was eventually re-branded to become the second installment of the then-new Real Housewives franchise. Frankel and Singer owned their own businesses; McCord and Zarin also had careers outside their home. Kelly Killoren Bensimon was added to the cast for the second season, which premiered on February 17, On August 31, , Frankel announced that she would not be returning to The Real Housewives of New York City for its fourth season, becoming the first woman to do so, in order to expand a burgeoning career in spin-offs, books, and her Skinnygirl business.

Citing production issues, Bravo pushed the Season 4 premiere back until April 7, , and instead premiered The Real Housewives of Miami. Season 5—present[ edit ] In April , Bravo announced that the show would be revamped for the upcoming fifth season. After two years, Drescher was dismissed from the series after the conclusion of the sixth season.

The seventh season premiered on April 7, On September 8, , Thomson announced, after three years in the cast, that she would not return for season eight, while on October 26, , Taekman confirmed that she too would not return for the upcoming season. Former housewives Zarin and Thomson are also confirmed for appearances during the season. The ninth season premiered April 5,

Gretchen Rossi and fiancé Slade Smiley still trying for baby after first IVF round fails

Body of Evidence Season 8 Episode 18 Editor’s Rating 4 stars Prev Next Complete Series Coverage For a man who has received two total minutes of screen time not only in this entire episode but also in this entire season, there sure is a whole lot of discussion about Tom. One single man and his name is Tom. This episode sounds like taking attendance at a Boy Scout meeting in Dublin. As Ramona, Sonja, and others point out, the crowd at the party is somewhere between a mixer at the third-most expensive senior center in South Florida and a cruise for especially rabid Andrea McArdle fans.

At one point, Sonja Tremont Morgan of the Nipztix Morgans is entertaining a man who looks like the ghost of Dominick Dunne with his white hair, dapper attire, and round glasses. Sonja says that she is ready to stop dating younger men and settle down with such a person but, I have to tell you, Sonja can do way better than this.

Slade Smiley is engaged to his longtime girlfriend and Real Housewives of Orange County costar, Gretchen Rossi, Find this Pin and more on by Julia Rodriguez. Her the bangs!

The couple, who put off a wedding to try for a baby, revealed that they’ve each gone under the knife to make it happen, but to no avail. Scroll down for video Trying for baby: When the first round of IVF didn’t take, Gretchen she felt ‘this huge sense of loss’ but vows to keep trying Slade, who already has two sons, Grayson, 13, and Gavin, who’s in his early 20s, said: They are considering other parenthood options as well including surrogacy and adoption.

Gretchen and Slade will share their heartwrenching story on The Doctors talk show on October The blonde bombshell put on a bikini to attend this Las Vegas bash but is more focused on starting a family with Slade since leaving the reality show last year As fans of Real Housewives Of Orange County know, Gretchen and Slade celebrated their engagement in a big way during season eight. It could totally change. Gretchen branded her former co-star Tamra Judge centre as a ‘lying, manipulating, conniving, narcissistic sociopath’ on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday Share or comment on this article:

~ The Real Housewives of Orange County ~ Season 12~ 2017 ~ JULY 10th

Martin, Michael, Nelson Episode 1 starts out with the four guys’ being brought to the house and introduced to Slade after the news that their brief residence is, in fact, his house. They are shown their small living quarters, 4 twin beds in a cramped room with one bathroom. They have all planned dates and Martin, the real estate salesman, goes first. He takes Jo to a restaurant, which he has shut down just for them.

He cooks her a meal in the restaurant’s kitchen with minimal help from Jo.

Although it appeared that the boy was living with Slade and his then-girlfriend Jo on the first season of Real Housewives, there are no photos of Slade on the child’s website.

But last night was the first time that the mud slinging was actually literal. Oh, that reminds me: All of these smug, fit ish people are trotting around the course when Gretchen Rossi, ever fleet of foot and shrill of tongue, somehow falls and twists her ankle. Her ever chivalrous beau Slade Smiley laid down his jacket over the mud puddle, because he saw that in a Goofus and Gallant cartoon in Highlights: She had sprained her ankle and was so upset because she was going to the Big Bad Pussy Cat Jamboree in two weeks and she had to be prancing dancing and posing, not limping around like a fat girl with braces trying to not fail gym class.

Gretchen is out for the count and then on a later obstacle, Honeybear Eddie broke his finger. How the hell do you break your finger in mud? How the hell do you dislocate a finger in mud? But Terry was funny about the whole thing. I mean, if you needed more Botox, I could help. Good thing his fist was broken. After everyone is collected from the first aid tent and hosed off and deloused, they all go out to dinner.

Miss Heather does not leave the house looking mussy.

Slade and Jo – Season 1 Selects