Persona 4 Golden: The Kotaku Review

Three Houses My list would be the following: A new story with the female lord taking the lead until the very end. C’mon, all the “having the male lead overshadowing the female one” is getting stale now. There are female rulers who either ruled a nation or led one to victory in history. Here’s hoping that a female Byleth is an option – it would be wrong on so many levels if otherwise. More support conversations per character combination. I think characters could benefit more from a longer set of conversations to allow for character development.

Who did you enter a relationship with in Persona 4 Golden?

Nathan Wright Make a game where your schedule is super important because you only have a limited amount of time Instead of cleanly transitioning to bed and prompting the player to save the game on days where the story wouldn’t really allow you to go out, it puts you in your room where trying to do anything but go to bed anyway results in a smug cat telling you that you’re going to waste this day doing absolutely nothing, even if it’s Friday and it’s raining.

And you can emulate the ps3 version if you want. And then Haru’s arc comes around and she becomes the worst fucking character in the game, next to Akechi. I think most people can agree it has issues, and some people find said issues more pronounced than others.

Nov 10,  · View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO Persona5 dating , KiB, x Anonymous Fri 10 Nov No. Report. Quoted By: Last time I let it pick anything in P4G it chose Marie. Anonymous. View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO jpg, KiB, after Naoto My nigga. Anonymous. View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO.

X Chapter 2 X “Hmmmmm…. This Velvet Room intrigues me. Perhaps I should ‘drop’ in and have a quick chat with this Igor and ‘persuade’ him into telling me everything he knows…” Kaguya suggested with a smile on her face that clearly told anyone looking at her by ‘persuade’ she meant beat him to an inch of his life until she got what she wanted. Currently Naruto, Kaguya, Amaru and Mabui had recently arrived at Inaba Station via the train they had been riding for the last few hours and were now moving through the station towards the exit with bags in hand.

As fun as that sounds Kaguya-chan I don’t think that will be necessary in our situation. Despite the number of flaws with Kaguya-nee’s plan, wouldn’t it be a good idea to gather more information about the situation? You see whilst I was there in the Velvet room they had mentioned that only those that had signed this Contract could enter the Velvet room. And if he was talking the truth then the Velvet Room exists between dream and reality, mind and matter.

It is a room that only those bound by a ‘contract’ may enter. So I would doubt that even with Kaguya-nee’s abilities she’d even be able to find the dimension let alone enter it. It’s quite clear that these ‘Residents’ are far from human and would no doubt possess immense power and strength. It’s rather obvious things are about to get interesting around here.

And I don’t know about you but in such a town a little excitement could be in order no?

The Shin Megami Tensei/Persona Thread

With the series now taking place in a fictional rural town rather than a city like in the prequels, the characters with origins from the city had hair styles different from those in Inaba with 1UP. Therefore, none of them acted in a stereotypical fashion with director Katsura Hashino stating that this was since “the worldview was already pretty far from the ordinary. While in this state, the Shadows entertained the audience watching the program; when the player encounters the real person with their respective Shadow Self, they behave more coherently.

Dec 03,  · P4G turns it into a cheap tool for anyone to manipulate. In a crude comparison, it’s like walking into a strip club and having prostitutes line up to your table to give you presents. In a crude comparison, it’s like walking into a strip club and having prostitutes line .

I’m not sure if “privy” is the word to use here. Kishou the Badger said: If Chie ever gets a dream sequence in the story, could it please be about she and Shirou as the “good bad guys” in a high school themed fighting manga series going full back-to-back badasses against a veritable horde of delinquents? I mention this because I think this could be a potential gold mine for easy humorous moments and shout-outs. Makes me wonder if this was Izanagi’s suggestion.

It certainly looks like something a Persona representing the Fool S. There is also the fact that neither Chie and Yosuke are really cut out for discreet surveillance. Not unless someone else wants to more. I think it’s “Not if someone else wants to more” or maybe “Not unless someone else wants to stay more”. Also, what a wingman, that Yukiko.

Gabagool’s Blog

Phantoms of Translation April 20, 9: A video game is a professional work, no different from any other form of media. Yet no other form of media would ever get away with the number of errors found in Persona 5’s English script. Molly Lee at Polygon agrees with him.

Naoto is known as the IQ Killjoy Detective therefore she gets a 5 in intelligence). Everyone was rated against each other.. so if I say they ‘aren’t interesting’ that means in comparison to the rest of them.

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Shin Megami Tensei and Persona Thread 2: Eternal Punishment For those wondering about the title: The series has many spin-offs, most notably Persona. The Persona games are JRPGs set in High School, modern times well, P1 is set in ’99 , and instead of demons the characters summon their “persona”, which is a symbolic manifestation of their “true self”, which happens to take the form of a SMT demon.

I was told it gave me a high school sim, a dating sim, and a superhero-style game all rolled into one, with lots of dialogue options and sandboxy stuff and rich background activity and hey bonus, a talking cat.

Jan 5, MoonFrog said: Having recently played P4G, I don’t really think this is accurate. Ambushing in P4 is pretty trivial, it’s just tedious when a shadow is facing your direction and you need to sloooooooooooowly wait for them to turn around. But even in those situations, depending on the distance between you and the shadow, you can run up to them and hit them in the back before they finish their little “I found you!

So it’s just a slower, clunkier, less flashy, more boring approach to ambushing enemies, and I guess the occasional tediousness of having to wait for the shadow to turn around makes the person playing say “fuck it” and just face the encounter head on, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still really easy to get the jump on them if you want to. So it’s not really much harder than 3 or 5, just slower, which I don’t think is a pretty elegant solution to this.

Admitedly I don’t think I used a single skill card when I played Golden so maybe I wasn’t optimizing my Personas as much as I could’ve, but as someone who never grinds or plans ahead and just goes with the flow, I thought Very Hard was consistently challenging up until the last 3 dungeons I’m including P4G’s bonus dungeon here , which is when the game drops back to normal Persona levels of difficulty.

This made some fights like Spoiler: The first one in particular resulted in one of the most stressful fights I’ve had in a turn-based RPG period because I was having so much trouble keeping my party members alive. Hell, even Spoiler Naoto ended up being tough and I don’t remember having struggled against her at all on vanilla P4.

Questions about Dating in Persona 4

Apr 15, 10 I brought this game after going to the store for no ni kuni and coming to the conclusion that it was sold out. I never played a persona game before, but i read some positive reviews about Persona 4 golden and was in the mood for a good JRPG. Now we are 3 weeks further and it’s finished. I’ve spend nearly 85 hours on my first playtrough, and it was worth every second. Persona reallyI brought this game after going to the store for no ni kuni and coming to the conclusion that it was sold out.

Persona really sucked me up in his world.

p4g. Save. Persona 4 Golden FAQ_Walkthrough for PlayStation V For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed. Share. PE17 Naoto Shirogane PE2 Armour List | ­> PE21 Unisex Armor If not Yukiko will also call you today to hang out if you are dating right now.. (Chie and Daisuke like this one.

Posted by Gabagool Jan 1, 3: Persona 4 the Animation , Persona 3 the Movie 1: Spring of Birth , Persona 3 the Movie 2: Falling Down , Persona 3 the Movie 4: Winter of Rebirth , Persona 5 the Animation: I am only doing Persona 3,4 and 5 because that is when the game really became what we know it to be today. Also only girls that are actually love interests will be on the list meaning no Sae Niijima, Ms.

Toriumi or Hisano Kuroda or anybody like that.

Why does everyone hate Persona 5 now?

I would love to see the reactions if she dates Akirs. The rest of student body would have two reactions 1. Oh, so that’s the President’s type 2. The Student President is being blackmailed into dating that sack of shit Akira. I just dislike the fact that the game tells me I’m the leader of the Phantom Thieves but then praises Queen for most of the fucking game.

Persona 4 Golden, also known as Persona 4: The Golden in Japan, is an enhanced port of PlayStation 2’s Persona 4 for the PlayStation game is compatible with the console version of the Vita, the PlayStation TV. The game includes a multitude of new features compared to the PS2 version.

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Persona 4 The Animation Episode 19 Discussion

Originally planned to cover just the events of Persona 3, feedback from the initial thread on SpaceBattles caused the author, JonBerry to keep going all the way through to Persona 4: Arena Ultimax and Persona Q. The first two stories are complete: The Journey – which covers the events from the Hermit Battle through the defeat of Nyx and The Answer – which covers up to the last battle of The Answer. The Interlude is the story of Midori in Inaba between Persona 3 and 4, and is a more slice-of-life fic.

The Golden is now available here , and covers the events of P4G.

Nov 07,  · >> In Persona 3 girls might get upset if you spend time with other girls if you get close to them. (Though if you visit all of them regularly and don’t visit one of them.

My friend is a huge Persona fan and convinced me to give it a shot and I’m glad she did. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish all the Social Links Naoto and Kanji so I’m doing a new game plus playthrough now. I’m considering playing Persona 3 next since it is also 5 bucks on PSN. I’ve heard the battle system may be harder to get into after playing P4 first. Depends on which version you get. The original and FES force you to give tactical commands to your party members as you can’t control your party members.

From what I’ve heard though, the AI is not that bad. Portable on the other hand, the version I got allows complete control over your party and also inherited some of the changes to the battle system 4 made. Which one you should get is totally up to you. The original and FES retains it’s graphics and presentation and also has a 20 hour or so epilogue that expands on the ending somewhat, while Portable shifted to a more visual novel style due to the PSP’s limitations, but also has the ability to play as a female character with her own social links and music.

Anyway, I just started Digital Devil Saga. Pretty awesome game so far.

Free Asian Dating site

Because Mitsumete Knight is a dating sim with RPG elements, and the main goal of the game is to date girls. It’s almost laughable that you’re using this game as a base of reference, and even more laughable that you say you don’t have to date in a dating sim. In Persona 4, there is no such penalty. You can run though the whole game and not date a single girl, yet still see the True Ending of the game. In Golden, yeah, naturally you need to complete Marie’s S Link to get the Golden ending, but I can only see that as Atlus forcing players to view the new content, and even then, you don’t have to date her.

Jul 30,  · Persona 5 Gameplay trailers and discussion thread (OP Updated) and I’m honestly curious as to why this happened. Makoto’s role would be similar to Naoto, but there is a clear difference. Naoto doesn’t overwhelm the other characters. where the group can interact and get to know each other, like in P4G. Landser03, Jul 16, #

Maybe instead of one of us reviewing it and the other one chiming in later, we should review it together? What a fantastic idea. I was thinking the exact same thing. After all, a game this size probably deserves two reviewers. It’s too bad we can’t split it in half, eh? I’m in June, about to rescue Rise. It’d certainly make it easier to finish the damn thing. I marvel at people who have completed this game in time to review it.

I recently passed 50 hours 50! I do think I’ve entered the endgame phase, though I’ve heard that the endgame in Persona 4 is super long.

[HD] [PS Vita] Persona 4 Golden – Christmas Eve: Naoto