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Omega Speedmaster Professional Buzz Aldrin in Lunar Module via lpi. There is, of course, the classic Moonwatch. Notice how they hit the centers of the subdials exactly. The central seconds hand of the chronograph, when zeroed, sits perfectly centered in the Greek letter Omega logo. Omega Speedmaster Professional Legibility of the design is supreme. Both the hour and minute hands are sized appropriately and offer plenty of contrast against the matte charcoal dial. At no point do the hands obscure the chronograph subdials, and the absence of a date window both means there is less for the hands to get in the way of and all the more pleasing symmetry in the design. This is a watch that was conceived as a whole.

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Original set diamond bezel with 72 diamonds. Night blue guilloched dial, powdered gold hour hands. Manual winding caliber Full set dtd One side has a silver guilloche dial with one second sub-dial, representing day.

Date your Omega Watch by the serial number on the case. Omega History and production dates here.

Blake Buettner January 22, Everything that can be said about the Omega Speedmaster had already been said, at least that was the case until Basel World At its core, the basic Speedmaster – the Speedmaster Professional – has remained largely unchanged; a 3-register chronograph with a fixed tachymetre bezel built atop a Lemania-based manually wound movement. All that changed last March when Omega introduced an entirely new Speedmaster, a Speedmaster fitted with an in-house automatic, co-axial column wheel chronograph.

This isn’t your Speedmaster Professional, and it doesn’t pretend to be, it’s something entirely different. This is the Speedmaster of an entirely new generation, the Speedmaster that will take Omega into the next century. It’s bigger, bolder, we think bettter, and certainly more expensive roughly double the price of the ETA-based automatic Speedmasters.

I recently spent a week with the new Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph to find out how it stacks up to the original, and a host of other high-end alternatives – read on for a detailed review of a watch that has the potential to become a new staple in sport watches. Clearly, the Speedmaster has been doing something right for half a century. It’s remained NASA’s go-to watch for space-bound astronauts, it’s a foundation of the modern Omega brand and it continues to be lusted after by every guy, young and old, that fancies himself an explorer.

Over the past few years however, Omega has been busy developing a slew of their own calibers for watches within the Seamster and DeVille lines.

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Automatic mechanical Caliber number: Chronograph, Date, 24 hoursCase: Stainless steel Case back: Scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphireWater resistance: Bezel has some light marks, the rest of the watch shows almost no signs of use.

This was the first automatic Speedmaster, with the Omega calibre / Lemania –a two-register chronograph. Given the reference number of , the MK III featured a date display and a central chrono minute hand similar to the legendary Lemania

At the center of this season-long celebration is a special wristwatch built to celebrate where we’re headed, but while paying respect to where we’ve been. This is a special one to all of us. Ben’s original MK40 Speedmaster, the inspiration for this new limited edition. Mechanically speaking, it features a hand-wound Omega caliber three-register chronograph movement and uses the original But the dial and hands make this unlike any other manually wound Speedmaster to date.

Second, the chronograph seconds hand is red, with a yellow tip as seen on a handful of Speedmasters dating back to the s. Third, the hour markers are painted and luminous, while the hour and minute registers feature special red arrow hands. Further, the running seconds register is blue and black — taking inspiration from a particular example of an Omega, with a second interval hand, a first for any Omega. The bezel is black aluminum, just as it was on the original s reference , and the case is slim, without crown guards.

The watch is every bit an original Speedmaster, but with a twist — a twist that is a nod to the most important watch in my own collection, the watch that started an obsession, and a career — my grandfather’s MK40 triple calendar Speedmaster. The hand-stitched leather strap adds a vintage touch to the watch.

Pre-Owned Omega Speedmaster Day-Date Chronograph 3523.80.00

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In what could well be a sign of classic watches moving into the digital medium, OMEGA have released a special edition Speedmaster timepiece to celebrate a hashtag handle. This is not just any.

Even though this particular watch looks so modern that it could easily be confused with one of the many contemporary versions of the Omega Speedmaster, manual or automatic, that have come out since , the year of birth of one of the most celebrated chronographs in watchmaking history. Having retired, the multiple times German champion is now the ambassador of the maison Audemars Piguet article here.

An enthusiast who happens to have this Speedy in his collection is a fan of Formula 1 and a great admirer of Schumacher and readily admits to being lured by the commercial that came out in portraying the champion alongside one of his favorite brands, the Omega. The Ad was very effective: Michael lovingly gazing at a Speedmaster Day-Date with the braided bracelet and case forward.

A perfect entente, attributing a definite racing image to a new version of the Speedmaster, projecting it from a total absence of gravity to environments in which gravity is at least 2 times that of earth. And a beautiful curved mineral crystal. This watch is adored by collectors, and not just Omega collectors, throughout the world. The dial of the Omega Speedmaster Day-Date , an automatic chronograph with calendar, reinterprets this scheme, with a blue and black day-night pointer for ordinary seconds and a color combination of tremendous skill — blue, yellow and red are a perfect blend: At the same time it has a strong vintage feel that reminds you of watches from a time prior to the 90s and to the history of watch-making.

Note the Arabic numerals They are covered in Tritium , which means that if you and a friend purchased this Omega Speedmaster Day-Date 17 years ago, the two dials would be different, because tritium changes color over time, but does so in a different manner for each watch, making your Omega Speedmaster Day-Date absolutely and totally unique please see the photos below made with a weak light.

Another reason to add this watch to your collection today, because it will very probably be much sought after in a very short time.

Omega Speedmaster

Editors’ Picks Our Favorite Guilty Pleasure Watches Of Welcome to the third installment of Reference Points, our series that takes an exhaustive look at some of the most important families of timepieces in history Episode 1 featured the entire collection of perpetual calendar chronographs from Patek Philippe , and E pisode 2 featured the Rolex Paul Newman Daytona.

In this episode, we examine the legendary Omega Speedmaster, a watch that has become a brand unto itself over the last 50 years. We’ll examine the origins of the Speedmaster, its progression into the “space watch” that we know today, and how it has evolved over the years. I will begin by pointing out what this is not. This is not a look at every watch to wear the Speedmaster name, but rather those that we would classify as true “moon watches” — meaning those with a manually wound movement from Lemania, three registers, and no date.

Over the years, Omega has produced hundreds of offshoot watches, but for purity’s sake and brevity’s, for that matter , we will focus on the purest of all Speedmasters here.

Inside is Omega’s caliber , which features both the date and moonphase at Omega Speedmater Professional Mitsukoshi The Omega Speedmaster Professional Mitsukoshi is a limited edition of pieces created for the Mitsukoshi department store chain in

From diving watches and chronographs to dress pieces and highly complicated haute horology, I spend most of my time scouring the international watch market for the very best in vintage and contemporary wristwatches; a job I enjoy wholeheartedly. My clientele range from enthusiasts just starting off to seasoned collectors with years of experience, and the monetary value of the pieces I seek is just as broad.

Despite the wide range of experience levels, expertise, and individual aesthetic preferences, one of the most commonly requested pieces I am asked to find is the Omega Speedmaster Professional ; an icon among icons if ever there was. Furthermore, the Speedmaster Professional has a lasting appeal due to its straightforward design and reliable functionality as a mechanical chronograph, and is still in production today with a design which is relatively unchanged from the original models.

While you could just walk into your local Authorized Dealer and pick up the latest version which at the time of writing is the reference Even with their nearly identical looks, there are numerous versions and references to take into consideration should you decide to embark on the journey of obtaining a vintage Speedy, and what follows is a brief description of three of the most desirable models that I commonly recommend for my clients.

This is by no means an exhaustive look at the history of the Omega Speedmaster , and there are better resources to get into the nitty gritty of each of these models and all those in between than what I can present here. Regardless of which version you might choose to go with, owning an Omega Speedmaster Professional is a joy and a privilege, and puts you into a fraternity of timepiece enthusiasts that is perhaps unparalleled by any other for its breadth, scope, and nearly universal appreciation.

The reason for this is actually pretty simple: All subsequent models up to and including the current version get their luminescence from applied Superluminova indices. Omega Speedmaster Professional Reference This is the version I most regularly recommend to those just beginning a timepiece collection, that might be a little hesitant to strap a 40 year old watch to their wrist and wear the hell out of it every day.

The mechanicals of the Given their relative modernity, many examples are still available with their original bracelets, boxes and papers.

Omega Speedmaster Professional

Omega Models The History of Omega Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet and it represents perfection and success in the attainment of a task. With the introduction of their first series-produced calibers, Labrador and Gurzelen, in the watches achieved a precision of within 30 seconds a day. But this fact did not stop the exclusivity of the watches they produced:

Omega Speedmaster – The Last of its Kind. By Michał Kolwas. However, the movement serials found on the last s are starting with 25, dating these movements to Meanwhile, according to Omega, the last of these watches were finished and left the factory in ! This means, that the was available in stores along with.

The watch consisting of mint condition silver coloured dial, with baton style hour markers. Silvered sweep centre seconds hand. Self-winding automatic movement,stainless steel case, on leather strap with Omega buckle fabulous condition throughout,a nice quality plain top make automatic watch. Stunning condition Diameter of watch head A superb watch which has had very little usage.

Diameter of watch head is 32 by 30 mm. The watch with gold coloured dial , luminous hour markers, luminous and gilt hands, crystal glass, gold rotatable bezel, screw on winding crown, steel case on steel and gold Omega Seamaster bracelet. In very good condition throughout Diameter of watch head: The watch with dark bronze coloured dial with aperture for date at 6 ‘0’ clock. The watch with 18 carat gold case on 18 carat yellow gold Omega bracelet. The watch is in excellent condition throughout and is offered for sale at nearly a third of the new replacement cost.

Diameter of watch head:

Omega Speedmaster Date 323.

Poljot chronograph Casio AE12 LCA liquid-crystal-analog watch Traditionally, watches have displayed the time in analog form, with a numbered dial upon which are mounted at least a rotating hour hand and a longer, rotating minute hand. Many watches also incorporate a third hand that shows the current second of the current minute. Watches powered by quartz usually have a second hand that snaps every second to the next marker.

A truly gliding second hand is achieved with the tri-synchro regulator of Spring Drive watches.

Reference Points Understanding The Omega Speedmaster. For the third installment of Reference Points, we examine the legendary Omega Speedmaster, a watch that has become a brand unto itself over the last 60 years. The , as you likely know, is based on a Lemania chronograph caliber dating to that has been used in the likes of the.

The original CK debuted in , its creators oblivious to the legendary legacy it would go on to establish. Since , the FOIS series has payed tribute to this historically important wristwatch, with several very attractive models released. The edition may just be the best yet — bringing together popular attributes from across the series into one desirable timepiece.

It will be limited to just 2, pieces. Schirra had purchased the wristwatch for his own use but it turned out to be the best choice he could have made – three years later, in , the OMEGA Speedmaster proved itself as the only wristwatch to pass all 11 tests for space travel approval securing OMEGA as the official watch provider for NASA astronauts. Hallmarks of the Original The original Speedmaster concept was a sports watch aimed primarily at automotive enthusiasts.

The FOIS series closely captures many of the attributes that defined the model, which arguably makes for a more aesthetically pleasing dress watch.

Six Decades of Omega Speedmaster, Part 4: The 1990s

For a watch to still be water resistant the seals and gaskets should be replaced periodically. This is usually best done when replacing the battery or when ever any work is carried out on the watch. The rubber gaskets that seal the case back, crystal, crown or pushers will inevitably deteriorate with time. Thus water resistance is not a permanent condition.

When removing case backs, the case back gaskets often break or stretch and should always be replaced to guarantee water resistance.

Omega Speedmaster Mark Iii Chronograph 41mm Cal Steel Men Watch. $2, Omega Art. Omega Art Collection 18k Yellow Gold. $2, Omega Seamaster De Ville Automatic Cal. Dating To $1, – – 2′ Omega Aluminum Radiant Floor Heat Transfer Plates For 12 Pex Tubing. $

Posted by Andy K The cal. Strange then that Omega opted to launch this new movement, their first ever self-winding chronograph, in the comparatively austere Available only in steel, the was a Seamaster. Again, this is a strange choice for Omega if they were hoping to launch a new top-of-the-line chronograph movement. Or maybe they actually released both at approximately the same time?

It is certainly the least documented — it is the only reference not pictured in A Journey Through Time, and it never appeared in the period ads or catalogs. Curious for a watch that represents a huge technological step forward for Omega. The cases are very similar in size and proportion, and the casebacks are interchangeable. The case is subtly different on the top area surrounding the crystal.

Omega Speedmaster Day-Date **SOLD**

To see the trio together, check out our hands-on with the Omega 60th anniversary series here. Omega says — and it makes sense — that they originally had not conceived the Speedmaster for extra-terrestrial use. Although it was in the very same year that the Russians successfully launched the first-ever satellite into space on October 4, , it was not until much later, in , that the first spacewalk happened — once again, achieved by the Russians, as Alexei Leonov spent 12 minutes and 9 seconds in the big vast unknown nothingness cool story on that from Gizmodo here.

In the meantime, the Speedmaster had been set on its own course, as Omega heavily marketed it to car enthusiasts, motorists, and racing drivers. Still, the importance of the CK is undeniable, as it was a strong enough beginning — thanks to its almost uncannily well-balanced, sporty, yet elegant looks and a heavy-duty hand-wound chronograph caliber — to merit future updates to it. The First Omega In Space:

Gents Hardly used Omega Speedmaster “Reduced” model Automatic chronograph in steel dating from The watch is in very nice hardly used condition and has the same look as the professional moon watch model but has the convenience of being automatic whereas .

To celebrate this encounter, in Omega dedicated an entire collection of black-themed Speedmasters known as the Dark Side of the Moon. During Baselworld , Omega presented the latest crew member of this collection, the new Apollo 8. With its dramatic skeletonised dial, the bridges and main plate reveal an extraordinary surface designed to recreate the rugged surface of the Moon.

Coupled with the vibrant canary-yellow touches on the chronograph indications, for some unconditional Speedy purists, the Apollo 8 has resulted entirely alien note: Designed to highlight the unseen side of the Moon, all the The dial of the Apollo 8 is a radical departure from other dials in the Dark Side collection and abandons the twin sub-dial layout and date window in favour of a more traditional display of three counters with no date.

But there is more. By integrating a manual-winding movement, designers at Omega have managed to keep the case relatively thin reducing the height by 2. Lunar Surface What makes the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 so intriguing is the black mottled bumpy lunar surface recreated on parts of the movement. To achieve this realistic lunar surface, laser ablation was used to decorate the bridges and main plate of the blackened movement.

Almost suspended in space, the three sub-dials are arranged in a classic Moonwatch configuration. Partially skeletonised with blackened bridges treated with laser ablation, blackened screws and contrasting nickel-coated moving parts, the view of the movement on both sides of the watch is truly spectacular.